The Church... Babeville

Here are some photos of “The Church” aka “Babeville.”

It’s the restored old Asbury-Delaware United Methodist Church on Delaware Avenue in downtown Buffalo. The church was in danger of literally falling apart (debris was falling on the sidewalk), but was rescue by Ani DiFranco and is now home to a recording-performing arts center.

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Downtown Buffalo

One of my favorite parts of our Buffalo trip was going to the observation deck atop the gloriously art deco Buffalo City Hall. From up there you can even see the mist from Niagara Falls and that city’s growing skyline.

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Erie Canal locks at Lockport, New York

Probably the biggest challenge of building the Erie Canal was finding a way down the Niagara Escarpment — the same steep cliff the Niagara Falls originally flowed over.

The builder’s solution was a series of five locks to drop canal boats more than 50 feet at Lockport. They later replaced the quint locks with a pair of huge locks that serves today. The old locks are now a spillway sometimes called Lockport Falls.


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Parkside Candies

Parkside Candies on Main Street in Buffalo, New York, is quite a treat— food-wise and architecturally. It’s up in the university district.

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Buffalo Botanical Gardens

My mom is a horticulture volunteer and docent at the Buffalo Botanical Gardens. While we visited her last week in Buffalo she gave us the grand tour!

The Bot as it’s affectionately called is an absolute gem.

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2004 Trip to Buffalo-Niagara Falls

We used to have our photos on a different server and I’m slowly moving them over. Here is the first batch, recapturing our pre-grad school vacation to Buffalo, Niagara Falls and Niagara-on-the-Lake. I’ll add captions soon…

We plan to go back to the area this spring/summer. I’m thinking summer as the farmer’s markets open in July. But I also haven’t visited my mom there since 2004 so maybe spring.

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Niagara Falls

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A day away at New Harmony

Darlene and I needed a day away so we ventured to New Harmony, Indiana. It’s a very peaceful town… (click photo for whole gallery)

Labyrinth at New Harmony

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Leavenworth, Ind., overlooking the Ohio

On the way home from a trip to New Harmony, we stopped at the Overlook Restaurant… click photo for entire album…

Ohio River

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Interior shots

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